DRIFT sublingual THC Spray

I was cruising around the internet looking for new cannabis niche products the other day and came across a new product that looked like it needed me. Drift spray is a sublingual spray (under tongue) that promises to be a great little product for anytime you are on the go and want a little pick me up. Drift is made by Mirth.

I had to call around to see if anyone near me carried the product and after a few calls I was able to locate it at Mary Mart in Tacoma. My friendly budtenders said it was new to their store and they had no feedback on it yet. We discussed how it would be nice if this new product actually didn’t have a flavor that may make one gag. I promised I would be the first one to update them as I planned to try it while out on the town.

The first thing you will notice is the sleek packaging. I am a sucker for a good logo and brand presence and this one has it.  I like the box it comes it and it appeals to the brand snob in me.  The spray itself does not disappoint.  I started with the recommended sprays and had to go up a bit due to my tolerance level.   The taste also does not disappoint but that said it is strong.  There is no way anyone will smell any cannabis with this product….it is minty fresh. I liked the effect and taste was a bonus because I expected something that tasted icky.

I called my local Budtenders at Mary Mart in Tacoma and updated them on my findings.  Told them the taste was good, dosing requires more than the packaging suggests (which is not uncommon due to the dosing laws here in WA.   It is discreet and definitely worth trying.



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